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Quality and workmanship are our top priorities

T & S Painting LLC’s professional painting services know and understand the importance of customer service and as such are committed to providing you with premium painting services.

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Efficient and reliable painting services

The home is our place of comfort, one we build and decorate with the freedom of our imagination and taste. Its beauty and aura lie in the elegant colors of paint we chose for either the exterior or interior. T & S painting services is at your beck and call for professional residential painting services. We have been working for over 30 years and exuding quality all and around Grand Rapids, MI. We also provide painting services in Holland, Rockford, Ada, Kentwood, and all West Michigan.

In case you are skeptical about what theme, and how to go about choosing the right style of painting for your home type, T&S Painting LLC offers quality and uniqueness through consultation sessions, and trust us, you never knew you had such a brilliant idea by the time we are done with the work. We can offer as well, premium paint jobs for your home from the specific needs of your local area in terms of; temperature needs, protection against insects and pests, and other protective benefits of painting your residential home.

Let us restore your home to its former glory

All you need to do is answer the essential questions that will allow us to bring your place to the style you want.


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